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Swift Horsemanship aims to transform the time with your horse in a successful experience. If you are a trail rider or a performance competitor, you will acquire new skills and your horse will receive the training needed.

Swift Horsemanship is specialized in colt starting, performance training, and changing the behavior of problem horses.

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You can have anything you want, 
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You can be anything you want to be, 
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Matthew Shaffer

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I grew up with a love of horses, from a line of horse riders on my father and my mother side. Ever since I remember, I always wanted to be around horses and train them. Inside me, there was a longing desire to understand how a horse thinks and reacts. I spent my childhood in Europe and learned different techniques of training workhorses and riding horses. My first horse, a beautiful white Lipizzaner mare, taught me patience and gave me confidence in my relationship with horses.

In my teen years, we moved back to US and entered in a new stage of my training education. I studied different training methods and also learn reining and cutting.





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“I want to encourage you to be perseverant and determined to reach your dream.  You should never be content with too little, when you can reach for something big.”

– Charles Allen

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is owned and operated by Matthew Shaffer.


The philosophy of my method is based in creating a respectful relationship between you and your horse. My techniques involve two directions: training your horse and you, the rider.

My horse training leads to a horse that listens to my body language and commands.  I use exercises to make the horse relaxed, soft, coordinated, and sensitive to pressure. Different than other trainers, I combine the ground training and riding in the arena with exercises on the trail, using this approach for performance and every-day horses.

It is not enough to change the behavior of your horse, but also to shift your understanding about the way your horse reacts and also about the way you react. I want to teach you how the brain of your horse functions and how you can change his performance.

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