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Fresh news from Swifthorsemanship!

With all the bustle of preparing for travel, it has taken a little while to get everything updated. However, we wanted to let you know about a recent project here at Swifthorsemanship and inform you concerning our upcoming activities for the next three weeks.

Matthew Shaffer, ‘head guy’ at Swift, has recently undertaken to provide medical care and humanitarianaid to remote villages in Nepal. As such, he’ll be out of town until early June.

Reach Nepal

Reach Nepal

Meanwhile, though, things are still going strong back at home. In fact, you can still call us with questions concerning sale horses, training, or clinics, and we’ll be thrilled to work with you!

Although some appointments may have a scheduling delay, rest assured that, as always, we’re busy bringing you “the perfect horse,” and we eagerly solicit your contact.

To get a hold of us while Matthew is gone, call Zach at Swifthorsemanship, (313) 744-5673.

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